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Whyte vs Franklin LIVE: Latest fight updates

Dillian Whyte and Jermaine Franklin face-off ahead of heavyweight clash

Dillian Whyte fights Jermaine Franklin in a heavyweight main event at London’s Wembley Arena tonight.

In April, just a matter of metres away from this evening’s venue, Whyte suffered a heartbreaking knockout loss to Tyson Fury at Wembley Stadium, failing to dethrone the WBC champion in front of 94,000 fans. Now Whyte, 34, looks to bounce back, as the Briton takes on unbeaten American Franklin.

Franklin, 29, has 14 knockouts from his 21 victories as a professional and most recently competed in May, stopping Rodney Moore in the fifth round. Meanwhile, 19 of Whyte’s 28 wins have come via knockout, while his three defeats have come against Fury, Alexander Povetkin and Anthony Joshua – all by stoppage. The “Bodysnatcher” avenged his loss to Povetkin by knocking out the Russian in 2021, and Joshua is “pretty much nailed on” to fight the winner of tonight’s main event, according to Eddie Hearn, who promotes Whyte and “AJ”.

Of a potential rematch with Joshua, however, Whyte said ahead of tonight’s fight: “It’s heavyweight boxing, man, never plan while you’re in a heavyweight fight. Of course I would like that fight, it’s a major fight, but for me it’s about avenging the loss more than anything else. That’s even better to me than a world title to be honest.”

Follow build-up to Whyte vs Franklin, then fight updates and fallout live with our blog below.


Whyte vs Franklin LIVE

Whyte is still fighting on the front foot, but Franklin is trying to retain his opponent’s respect with a decent level of output.

The American is looking less creative now, though, and a little more laboured.

Alex Pattle26 November 2022 22:33


Whyte vs Franklin LIVE

Franklin connects with a grazing right hook around Whyte’s guard. Now Whyte buries a left hook into the body of Franklin, then another.

Whyte fires off a third, but this one seems low. No complaints from Franklin, but he retaliates with his own spiteful body hook.

Whyte with a scraping uppercut to the head, which just about finds its target.

More and more right hooks to the body from Whyte.

Alex Pattle26 November 2022 22:29


Whyte vs Franklin LIVE

Whyte is looking to counter Franklin’s jab with a right crooss over the top. The Briton blocks a right hook upstairs then curls a hook into Franklin’s midriff.

Franklin comes back with a fierce combination to the head, though!

Franklin changes levels well in the final seconds, finding right hooks to the body and head of Whyte, but the Briton also just about catches his opponent on the end of a straight one-two.

Alex Pattle26 November 2022 22:23


Whyte vs Franklin LIVE

Whyte starts in an orthodox stance, unlike how he began against Fury but as is typical for the “Bodysnatcher”.

He backs up Franklin early, but the American creates a bit of space by testing Whyte with left hooks. Whyte’s guard holds up.

Whyte looks relaxed and patient, but he opens up slightly with a left hook as Franklin turns up the aggression briefly.

Whyte unloads with a heavy right-left combination to the body. Franklin catches him on the end of a short right hand to the head, then lands a hook up top as Whyte targets the body once more – not a bad tactic by Franklin.

Alex Pattle26 November 2022 22:21


Alex Pattle26 November 2022 22:18


Whyte vs Franklin LIVE

And, as usual for Whyte, it gives way to AC/DC’s “Back In Black”!

Alex Pattle26 November 2022 22:13


Whyte vs Franklin LIVE

Now here comes Whyte to the Jaws theme music!

Alex Pattle26 November 2022 22:12


Whyte vs Franklin LIVE

Not much waiting around! Franklin is already making his walk!

Alex Pattle26 November 2022 22:10


Whyte vs Franklin LIVE

One more fight left tonight, and that’s Dillian Whyte vs Jermaine Franklin!

Anthony Joshua could be next for the winner, and the man himself is in the building…

Alex Pattle26 November 2022 21:56


Whyte vs Franklin LIVE

Fabio Wardley stops Nathan Gorman in Round 3 to win the vacant British heavyweight title!

Alex Pattle26 November 2022 21:54

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