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Russia-Ukraine war latest: Russia launches ‘over 100 missiles’ at Ukraine in fresh wave of strikes

Russia unleashed a fresh barrage of missiles on Ukraine on Monday, with explosions reported across the country as people rushed for subways and basements to shelter.

Blasts were reported in Kyiv, Odessa, Kramatorsk, Kirovograd and Vinnitsa after around 100 missiles were reportedly fired from Russia.

At least two people died as bombs destroyed houses in Zaporizhzhia. Casualty numbers elsewhere were unclear, amid reports Ukrainian air defence systems had been deployed successfully.

The wave of attacks follows two earlier explosions at Russian air bases – one in Saratova and the other in Ryazan. 

Three people were killed when a fuel tanker exploded at the air base in Ryazan, around 115 miles south-east of Moscow, according to the state news agency RIA.

Meanwhile, Roman Busargin, the regional governor of Saratov, acknowledged reports of a blast at a base housing bomber planes that are part of Russia’s strategic nuclear forces.

Ukraine has not claimed responsibility for the attacks.

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