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Russia-Ukraine latest news: Ukrainian troops in under fire city in a ‘tough position’, says military chief

A Ukrainian MP is calling for the UK Government to give her country missiles, to waive visas for refugee Ukrainians and to help to unblock its ports.

Kira Rudyk, who is meeting the Defence Committee on Monday, said more missiles are “critically” needed because the Russians have been advancing in the eastern part of her country.

She said that before the war Ukraine was among the top three producers of the world’s grain and products such as sunflower oil, wheat, potatoes and corn but they now have problems at ports that are blocking exports.

She told Sophy Ridge on Sky: “In Ukraine, we are unable to deliver it anywhere because of the blockage points. There is an extreme need right now for a humanitarian mission to be able to extract all this produce.

“I know you guys are already having higher food prices. Sunflower oil is missing from the stores – and you know why? It is because it is all in the Ukraine right now.

“The world right now only has 10 weeks’ supplies of grains. Politicians of the world need to figure out how to get out all the harvest that Ukraine has.

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