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Artist has Botox injections and works between heartbeats to engrave world’s smallest Lord’s Prayer

He works exclusively at night when traffic noise and vibrations are at a minimum outside his workshop in Birmingham’s busy Jewellery Quarter.

“It’s got to be the world’s smallest Lord’s Prayer, I can’t go any smaller,” Mr Short said. 

“I’ve had to restart dozens of times because I use a fine needle so I can slip quite easily, which happens all the time.

“It’s hard to say how many hours I’ve put it into this particular project, but I do roughly three nights of work at a time.

“If there was just a couple of words on it, that would be easier. With 273 it’s insane. I wouldn’t try anything like that again.”

He added that the work is his “signature piece”, and is what he wants to be known for. 

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