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UAE crosses vaccine milestone: 200 doses administered per 100 people

The country is going the extra mile, with fully vaccinated residents now getting their booster shots.

The UAE crossed a new vaccination milestone on Saturday: the distribution rate is now at 200.67 doses per 100 people. This means the number of Covid jabs administered in the country has reached twice its population.

So far, more than 19.8 million doses have already been given across the Emirates, with 71,886 jabs recorded in the past 24 hours, according to the Ministry of Health and Prevention (Mohap).


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“This is in line with the ministry’s plan to provide the Covid-19 vaccines to all members of society and part of efforts to reach acquired immunity…which will help reduce the number of cases and control the Covid-19 virus,” added the ministry.

For doctors in the country, the mass vaccination drive has been proving effective as cases have drastically dropped by over 60 per cent last month.

Dr Abdul Aneez, medical director of Medeor Hospital Dubai, said: “It is heartening to learn that the UAE is rapidly vaccinating its people against Covid-19. Today, (Saturday) the nation has achieved yet another milestone. This is a commendable record in the vaccination effort among the world nations.”

The UAE has even gone the extra mile, he said, with people now getting their booster shots.

“It is this step that has bolstered immunity and has significantly contributed to developing herd immunity,” added Dr Aneez.

Sustained vaccination efforts make sure the population develops immunity to combat the disease. “Additionally, we also have evidence from studies that immunity has a waning effect over the months. It is at this point that the booster dose comes into effect, to continue to maintain the level of immunity in the population,” said the doctor.

He praised the UAE leadership, the government, Mohap and all healthcare workers for this great achievement. “This is no less feat when we are fighting an invisible enemy that has brought the world to a grinding halt,” he added.

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