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Coronavirus: UAE reports 136 Covid-19 cases, 174 recoveries, 1 death

The UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention on Tuesday reported 136 cases of the Covid-19 coronavirus, along with 174 recoveries and one death.

The new cases were detected through 350,115 additional tests.

The total number of cases in UAE as on October 12 are 738,026 while total recoveries stand at 731,469. The death toll now stands at 2,115.

The Covid-19 pandemic in the UAE is now becoming ‘endemic’ and the country is close to achieving herd immunity, medical experts have said.

As a result of massive vaccination and screening drives, the positivity rate has been dropping rapidly. And doctors underlined that communities are now seeing low levels of transmission. The number of fresh cases has been below 400 since September 19.

Across the globe, Thailand has said it plans to fully re-open to vaccinated tourists from countries deemed low risk from November 1.

The country’s leader on Monday cited the urgent need to save the kingdom’s ailing economy as the reason for the move.

Meanwhile, a parliamentary report on Tuesday concluded that the British government waited too long to impose a lockdown in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, missing a chance to contain the disease and leading to thousands of unnecessary deaths.

The deadly delay resulted from ministers’ failure to question the recommendations of scientific advisers, resulting in a dangerous level of “groupthink” that caused them to dismiss the more aggressive strategies adopted in East and Southeast Asia, it said.

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