Workers’ Party volunteer helped fix PAP MP Edwin Tong’s fallen CNY poster – The Online Citizen Asia

In the bipartisan spirit of supporting the elected Member of Parliament in Joo Chiat, Workers’ Party (WP) volunteer helped fix a fallen poster of People’s Action Party (PAP)’s Edwin Tong.

Mr Keng Ann Yap shared on Facebook on Tuesday (9 February) that on the way back home from distributing Chinese New Year oranges with WP politician Yee Jenn Jong, he spotted Mr Tong’s CNY banner which had fallen from it’s perch.

“Being an experienced volunteer in charge of logistics, I have all the equipment in my car,” said Mr Keng, who put the banner back up.

He said, “GE2020 was over and Edwin Tong is the elected MP of my estate. It is in the right spirit to help fixing it.”

A series of photos showed the banner crumpled up and detached on one side, as Mr Keng found it, and him putting it back up again.

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