VIDEO | Two uncles bloody fight at Bukit Merah kopitiam, riot police activated


Videos of a fight between two men in a coffee shop have gone viral online; one used nearby plastic chairs to defend himself, while another attacked with a knife.

“Bukit Merah!” wrote Facebook user Patrick Tan on Wednesday (June 29), referring to the location of a fight between two men.

Mr Tan’s post included a video of a man in a black shirt charging toward another man with an object presumed to be a knife in his hand.

Meanwhile, the other man tried throwing a plastic chair in the attacker’s direction before holding another one up as a shield.

Photo: FB screengrab/Patrick Tan

The footage becomes difficult to follow, but it appears that the man in a black shirt falls to the ground.

Bystanders then guided the man in white to a nearby seat, while others contained the attacker under plastic chairs.

At one point, the man in white touched his head and discovered blood.

Photo: FB screengrab/Patrick Tan

In another video, police in riot gear were spotted apprehending the man in black still under the chair.

The police have confirmed that a 50-year-old man was arrested for voluntarily causing hurt. Another 75-year-old man was conveyed to a hospital, where he received stitches for his injuries.

The fight is reported to have happened at a coffee shop near the market at Block 112 Bukit Merah.

Fights breaking out in public are on the increase, with at least two incidents reported this month.

A verbal quarrel between a cleaner and a stallholder at a hawker centre turned into a fight as the latter brandished a table knife and chased the cleaner.

Cleaner chases stall holder with knife, gets into fight at Boon Keng hawker centre

In a separate incident, a foreigner and a local were caught on camera fighting it out near the Great World shopping mall.

Based on how the fight progressed, it appears that the foreigner, already bigger than the contender, was well-trained.

VIDEO | Two men fight MMA style at Great World Shopping Mall: Local man challenges foreign man to fight but gets beaten up badly

In line with coffee shops, at least 15 uncles were spotted pushing, chasing, jumping on, and yelling at one another in a coffee shop in Hougang. One man was sent to the hospital following the fight. /TISG

VIDEO: Bloody fight of at least 15 uncles at Hougang coffeeshop, one hospitalised

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