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Getting an update on the boy who bullied in her schooling years sobered one Redditor up, and caused her to ask for advice from others who have been similarly victimised to inspire her to overcome her trauma.

“I don’t want to live so pathetically, while” the bully “gets to live his best life,” wrote Reddit user tangerinecones on Thursday (Dec 1).

“So please, for those who were also bullied in school, share with me how far you’ve come. I just want to hear your stories and know there’s hope for someone like me.”

“Izaac,” the bully, targeted her in secondary school when she was overweight and had severe acne.

He bullied her by “Throwing his rubbish on my table like used tissues. Calling me names like ‘ugly zhu ba jie (pig)’, ‘smelly dirty b***h’, ‘better off dead’. Stealing my things. Purposely not giving me things like homework as the class rep. Humiliating me in front of the class by making a fuss about sitting next to me and saying I was ‘diseased’. Asking his friends what they would do if I confessed to them, and them being disgusted and saying they’d beat a disgusting pig like me to death.”

The bullying took a toll on her, causing her grades to suffer as she skipped school. She also developed social anxiety and her self-esteem suffered. 

“The teachers knew what was going on, but they just sent me to counselling,” she added.

Recently, she discovered that Izaac is doing well, having graduated from a prestigious university and getting a high-paying job.

But the poster, while having lost weight, still lives with the scars of having been bullied and is still socially anxious, with few friends.

However, getting an update on the life of the boy who victimised her seems to have had a positive effect on the poster, spurring her to move forward.

The post has since gotten many supportive and encouraging comments, and the poster wrote, “Thanks to all of you for sharing your stories and I hope you’re doing well. And thank you for the warm messages. Last of all, f*** Izaac indeed. :)”

“I think the biggest mindset change I feel, is that the person you need to love you the most is yourself. Sure, I can joke about being trash but I know I’m still a good person at my core. Nothing can take that from me, even if I do falter in my confidence at times,” wrote one Redditor.

Another underlined how important it is to “go easy on yourself.”

Another wrote that she “highly doubt(s)” that her bullies are in their dream jobs.

A woman bullied by her teacher shared her experience, as well as where she is today, as well.

Another asked her an important question: “It’s super cliche but learning to start living for yourself and living your best life is the best fu to bullies. If you’re checking up on them and secretly wishing they suffered in life then you are still letting them control your life and define you. What do you gain from that?”


Former Commonwealth Secondary student alleges that bullying incident was not taken seriously


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