Toa Payoh resident says upstairs neighbour pours urine from bedroom window every morning between 5 to 6 am – Singapore News

SINGAPORE — A man took to social media to complain about one of his neighbours at Toa Payoh, whom he claims pours urine from his bedroom window in the early hours each morning. The neighbour allegedly also throws “cigarette butts, kotex, tissue papers, and food waste,” wrote Mr Valiant Khong on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page on Tuesday (Feb 8).

He said in this post that little children live around the vicinity and expressed concerns over hygiene and health issues. “Singapore, my homeland, our 1st world country in the world, should stop all these culprits from committing the same offences,” he added. “Our government, when our founding father was around, authorities are harsh on high rise littering. But what happen now???? I urged our Authorities to do something,” Mr Khong wrote.

Mr Khong also wrote that he has lodged complaints with the National Environment Agency (NEA) “so many times for a few months.” He added, “Ask them to catch culprit, they only give warnings. Ask them to install video cam, they give other excuses. Luckily, somebody video the culprit and share with my neighbourhood.”

He said that the neighbour is somewhat of a recluse, telling us “I nv (never) see this neighbour step out of the house before.” And even when another media company knocked on the neighbour’s door, there was no answer.

He also said that other households in the area are affected to the point that one of his other neighbours complained to the HDB (Housing Developing Board) about the litterer.

Mr Khong added that sometimes, the litterer pours urine between 10:30 and 10:45 am and sometimes in the afternoon between 3:00 and 4:00 pm. Even during Chinese New Year, he told us, the neighbour continued to dispose of urine and litter.

“This morning NEA just called to tell me that Town Council has agreed to set up a surveillance camera to catch the culprits but will only start operating by tomorrow,” Mr Khong updated us today. He added that after the video above was taken, more action was finally being carried out.

The Independent Singapore has also asked NEA to comment on the matter. /TISG

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