‘Taking a Rolex on a trip like that is asking for it,’ netizens tell actor whose cash & watch worth $20K were stolen in Phuket – Singapore News

SINGAPORE: After a man posted on TikTok that his watch and cash were stolen when his family took a trip to Phuket, Thailand, commenters told him he should not bring luxury items when he goes on vacation.

The TikTok of Mr Richard Ter, who identifies himself as a musician, percussionist, and actor on his Instagram bio, was posted on Wednesday (Feb 1), and has been viewed almost 150,000 times.


Went to Phuket for vacation, cash and rolex (20k) stolen #fyp #phuket #vacation

♬ Beat Automotivo Tan Tan Tan Viral – WZ Beat

“Went to Phuket for vacation, cash and rolex (20k) stolen #fyp #phuket #vacation,” he wrote.

The seven-second video first shows the glass of a sliding door shattered and then zooms into designer bags surrounded by wallets and a few red packets, plus what appears to be a credit card and some papers.

It then cuts to an open window and then to two women who appeared to be questioned by two policemen in brown uniforms.

While some netizens were sympathetic toward Mr Ter’s experience of being robbed, some pointed out that when going on vacation, it’s much better to leave valuables and luxury items at home.

“Why wear rolex there. They might hv stalk u bcos of the watch,” one TikTok user wrote.

“No one wear(s) expensive clothing and accessories to overseas,” another pointed out.

“Who wears Rolex for vacation” asked another.

One warned, “Go holidays better don’t wear luxury things.”

 “Imagine wearing Rolex to Phuket,” chimed in another.

“Lesson learnt. Next time I won’t wear expensive watch,” another wrote.

One wrote, “Rule of thumb legit don’t wear it carry too expensive overseas.”

Another wrote, “Really don’t understand why are yall traveling with valuable goods?”

A TikTok user wrote, “taking a Rolex on a trip like that is asking for it, wouldn’t even wear mine too the US or Europe.”

Others asked the TikTok user to identify which accommodation he stayed at.

Some experts say that traveling with a luxury watch is a big no, but others say it’s all right if you take important precautionary steps.

“Do not remove and set the time on your watch in public, do not remove it to try on jewellery or for any other reason. The only time I’d recommend removing it is during sleep in the safety of your hotel room if you’d like, I usually place my watch inside a WATCHPOD travel case and place it on the bedside table to avoid any scratches. The moment you leave your room even if it’s for a short period your watch should now be back on wrist,” wrote Matthew Catellier for Forbes magazine in 2021.

The Independent Singapore has reached out to Mr Ter for comment.


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