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Naomi Neo celebrates her birthday, surrounded by daisies, but netizens are more interested to only see her “panties”


Photo: IG screengrab/naomineo_

SINGAPORE – Naomi Neo, a Singaporean lifestyle blogger, recently celebrated her 27th birthday on Jan 25. In her Instagram post, she thanked all who celebrated her special day with her, most especially her husband, who gave Naomi her favourite flowers. When you tell him daisies are your fav 😭❤️ thank you everyone for the wishes!!!” Naomi said in her post caption.

However, despite Naomi being surrounded by daisies and a ‘Happy Birthday Mummy’ balloon, online citizens were more focused on something else – her white “panties”.

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Singaporeans say lion dancer who falls during performance may be too exhausted, others laugh & criticise


Image: FB screengrab / Singapore Incidents

SINGAPORE — An online user took to social media on Wednesday (Feb 1) to share a video of a lion dancer seen falling backwards in the middle of a performance. “Tough job, hope he’s ok,” the post read.

The 20-second video featured two lion dancers in what seemed to be at Changi Airport. As the two were performing, one tripped backwards and eventually fell over. While some netizens found it amusing, others advised not to criticise or laugh at the dancer, saying he may have been too exhausted.

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Chicken gang spotted outside SG police complex, netizens say ‘no fowl play suspected’ and ‘it wants to fowl a complaint’


Photo: Reddit Singapore/@mediageekery

SINGAPORE — A netizen took to an online news forum to share a picture of a group of chickens. The animals were gathered outside a police complex, which many online users found amusing. “Gang of chickens next to Police Cantonment Complex,” the post read. “Was told they hang around a lot.”

In response to the post, many netizens shared a few laughs. “Why did the chicken go to the police station? Because it wants to fowl a complaint,” wrote one. Another followed suit and made the pun, “No fowl play suspected though.”

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Delivery rider disappointed after getting S$0.90 tip from customer, says ‘please learn about tipping rules in Singapore’


Photo: TikTok screengrab/sleepingzack

SINGAPORE — A TikTok video went viral, reaching over 38,000 views on Wednesday (Feb 1) after a delivery rider expressed disappointment over the amount he received as a tip. In the nine-second video, the rider can be seen holding out coins.

The delivery rider, who goes by @sleepingzack on TikTok, wrote: “A guy gave me 90 cents for delivery in the rain.” However, he added, “Thank you, but please learn about tipping rules in Singapore.”

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Maid says her employer might want her to move to M’sia to care for elderly relative, says ‘I didn’t pay $1K to come sg then transfer to Msia’


SINGAPORE — A foreign domestic helper took to social media to question her employer’s decision to allow her to attend caregiver classes.

In an anonymous post to Facebook group FDW in Singapore (working conditions forum), the maid wrote that when she asked her employers if she could attend Sunday school and take classes to be a caregiver, “w/o hesitation they agreed”.

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