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Netizen says ‘in recent months, exponential price increase has been crazy, my wallet is really feeling it’


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SINGAPORE — A Reddit user went on a rant concerning price increases recently, writing that a “Few years ago when people talked about inflation, I was quite dismissive as to what sort of price increase are they talking about.”

“Usually price increases are gradual such that we don’t notice it. But in recent months, the exponential increase has been crazy and my wallet is really feeling it. It’s like businesses aren’t afraid of losing customers anymore due to price increase.”

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“Dangerous uncle” manoeuvring himself in wheelchair down a road sparks debate among Singaporeans


Image: screengrabs from Facebook video / Singapore Incidents / @Charlie Tan

SINGAPORE — An online user took to Facebook on Saturday (Jan 28) to share a video of an elderly uncle seen rolling his wheelchair on a road instead of on a sidewalk. The short caption read, “Dangerous uncle”.

Though concerned Singaporeans took to the comments section of the post, some merely called out the uncle’s actions as dangerous, while others cited the issues with some pavements in Singapore not being very compatible with people in wheelchairs.

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Netizen says ‘the rubbish bin is just five metres away. What’s wrong with people?’


Photo: FB screengrab

SINGAPORE — A photo of burnt sugar cane left on a pathway got a public member wondering what was wrong with people.

“The bin is just five metres away. What’s wrong with people?” asked a Facebook group Complaint Singapore member on Monday (Jan 30). He attached a photo of the rubbish bin a few steps away from the burnt pile of sugar cane.

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S’porean says ‘like Denmark, SG should also call for mandatory military service for women’ while netizens say ‘Yes… Equality is equality’


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SINGAPORE — After Denmark announced that military service is now required of women as well as men, one Reddit user said that “Singapore should do likewise.”

“National defense is important, then everyone should share the burden. why leave it only to the men while the women and foreigners are excused from it?” the Redditor wrote on r/SingaporeRaw on Sunday (Jan 29).

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ITE grad says he only earned $1.6K/month in Singapore but now makes $100K/year in Australia ‘just as a simple plumber’


Photo: Freepik/pressfoto (for illustration purposes only).

SINGAPORE — “Life is better overseas,” wrote an anonymous netizen on the SG Whispers Facebook page on Jan 29. He has moved from Singapore to Australia and said he recently watched a speech from Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong about “‘heart’ work and income disparity.”

“Please lah,” wrote the netizen who explained that in Singapore, as an Institute of Technical Education (ITE) graduate, he only earned $1,600 a month, while in Australia, he makes $80,000 as a plumber yearly, and this is after taxes.

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