Man forgets husky at Khatib Kopitiam, goes back to pup waiting and looking anxiously inside – Singapore News

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A dog owner went on “autopilot” mode after purchasing a takeout meal from a kopitiam and forgot he initially went there with his pet.

A TikTok video of the incident by @nyancatattack has gone viral online with nearly 665,000 views since it was posted on Nov 29.

The video started with the owner admitting he “f***ed up” because he was “dabao-ing” food and realised he forgot his dog at the kopitiam.

Photo: TikTok screengrab

He approached the area where he had left Luna and saw her waiting patiently in the same spot. Luna looked attentively inside the kopitiam and had no idea that her owner was no longer there until she heard her name being called from behind.

Photo: TikTok screengrab

“Luna, Luna,” said the owner, and the husky turned around in relief.

Netizens agreed that the owner should apologise to Luna by “giving her all the treats in the world.”

Although many wondered how one could forget a dog, let alone a big husky, netizen Daisy said it happens.

“Never mind, my mom used to forget me. She reached home and then she realised that she forgot me. We same, Luna,” she said.

It appears that being left behind somewhere is a rather common occurrence. “My friend forgot her kid in school and went home after work until the teacher called her,” said a TikTok user.

“My dad once forgot my mom in the market. He didn’t realise until my mom went home with Uber. Guess who slept on the couch that night,” added another netizen.

The owner told MustShare News that he almost reached home when he noticed “something was amiss,” a feeling similar to forgetting a wallet, for example.

Meanwhile, netizens didn’t let this incident slide and prodded the owner to properly apologise to Luna.

He uploaded another video with the caption, “I’m sorry. This should have never happened. I have also spoken to her lawyers, and we have come to a settlement of a large amount of treats and yummy food.”/TISG

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