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SINGAPORE: A foreign domestic helper refusing to do household chores because she says she is “not used to doing” them posed a huge problem to her employers.

At a loss for what to do, the maid’s employer took to social media asking others for help. She wrote in a Facebook group for domestic helpers that this was her first time hiring a helper for herself whereas her parents have had a helper for a long time. The woman wrote that she was “currently facing a dilemma as my newly hired helper has only been here for a week and wants to go back home”.

She added that her maid “has expressed that she is not used to doing household chores and had come here to work in a factory, not as a helper. She claims that the agent did not inform her that she would be working as a maid. She is now giving attitude, refusing to eat and not following instructions”. 

The employer added that even after she spoke to her maid’s agent, the situation did not improve. She was not sure what to do and asked other helpers and employers in the group about her options.

In the comments section, the employer who is pregnant, wrote: “Her tasks have not even begun yet, as the main purpose of hiring her was to assist me during my confinement period and beyond. She is not required to clean the house, wash the toilet or cars, as I have cleaning and gardening services who come by weekly basis. However, I don’t believe it is too much to ask for her help in preparing the baby’s room and folding his clothes. Moreover, I have not held her passport or phone, nor have I denied her basic necessities, such as food, clothing and toiletries”.

Many who commented on the post urged her to send the maid back to the agency and get a replacement helper. ” I have ultimately made the decision to send my helper back to the agency and request a replacement. Although the agency has requested that they speak to her and urged me to give her another opportunity, I am exhausted from dealing with her unpleasant attitude, especially during this time of my pregnancy”, the woman said.

Here’s what netizens commented:

Last year, another frustrated employer took to social media after her Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) refused to go with the family to JB, Malaysia, despite agreeing to it in her contract.

In her post to Facebook group FDW in Singapore (working conditions forum), the employer said that in her case, her helper “agreed during the interview at the agency that she will follow us back to JB coz we have another house there. Plus we put it in the contract that she has to follow us”.

She added that her maid would work for only four to five hours a day before resting. The maid would take frequent naps, use her phone liberally, and watch YouTube videos. The employer also added that the maid told her to knock on the helper’s room door to call her should she need any help. 

However, when she recently asked her maid to accompany the family to JB for 4 days, the maid refused, saying that she wanted to rest in Singapore.

In her post, the employer cited the following reasons for wanting her maid to accompany the family to JB:

“1- its in her contract that she have to follow us when we travel.

2- don’t want to leave her alone at home coz she break my trust b4.

Read the other reasons in the article below.

Maid refuses to go with family to JB, despite agreeing to it in the contract; says she wants to rest in S’pore

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