Kidnapped woman repeatedly raped and forced to cook & eat human flesh



When speaking to the UN on the conflict-torn east of Congo, Julienne Lusenge, the president of a women’s rights organisation, revealed the woman’s chilling experience and shared it with the audience.

According to a Congolese rights organisation, the story involves a woman who was twice kidnapped by militants in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in Africa, repeatedly raped and forced to cook and consume human flesh.

When the woman went to pay a ransom for another kidnapped family member, CODECO insurgents abducted her. To add to her ordeal, she was beaten up and in her captivity, she witnessed the extremists cutting a man’s throat.

“They pulled out his entrails and they asked me to cook them. They brought me two water containers to prepare the rest of the meal. They then fed all of the prisoners human flesh,” she told the UN woman’s rights chief.

After being held captive for a few days, she was freed and tried to return home when she was abducted by a different militia organisation, whose members also repeatedly violated her.

“Again I was asked to cook and eat human flesh,” the woman, who eventually escaped, said.

Nigerian cannibals

This is not the only known case of cannibalism in Africa this year.

Authorities in the north-western Nigerian state of Zamfara in January arrested four people allegedly involved in cannibalism.

They were also suspected of selling human organs, reported IOL.

The suspects were arrested after detectives found a corpse in an uncompleted building. Parts of the person’s body were missing and that raised suspicions. However, information about the Nigerian cannibalism could not be thoroughly checked.

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