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BATU PAHAT, MALAYSIA — A customer might feel perplexed when visiting a burger stall run by 22-year-old triplets who look identically the same, and wondering if the Shadow Clone Technique in the Japanese anime, Naruto really exist.

Siti Aminah, Siti Khadijah and Siti Aishah Hisamudin caught netizens’ attention as the triplets look like “clone” resemblance to each other, sometimes confusing their customer when they wearing the exact same attire, and even the same glasses.

Better known as Triplets Hisham to the locals and on Tik Tok, the triplets have since garnered 138 thousand followers, where they share their family moments on social media and invite netizens to visit their burger stall in Batu Pahat, Johor.


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According to Malaysia media Harian Metro, the triplets are their family’s sixth, seventh and eighth children. The triplets had volunteered themselves to manage the stall belonging to their brother-in-law after its business returned to normal from the pandemic.

Siti Aminah shared that there are already regular customers for the stall has been operating since 2015.

She told the media that initially they would wait for walk-in customers or take order from WhatsApp and Grab App, just like other usual burger stall hawkers, “until one day when one of us suggests that we can try broadcast live on TikTok to seek different opportunity.”

Besides uploading videos, the triplets often go live on TikTok, attracting attention from viewers and potential customers for the stall.

“We have divided our tasks at the stall: I put the vegetables and sauce, Dija (Siti Khadijah) take order, while Isha (Siti Aishah) cook the burgers, ” Aminah said that sometimes, a customer will see Isha first, and later get surprised and confused when they later see Dija and her.

Aminah told the media that they would stay and work together as long as they are not married, because they hardly can imagine life without each other.

“Our relationship is intimate; even if we quarrel, it does not last long. We prefer to mingle among ourselves rather than with other people, including our family members.”

“Our family did once demanded us to be independent of each other, but we are more comfortable when staying together, “she added that she still sleeps with her sisters in the same room.


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