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SINGAPORE — Jay Chou, 44, popularly known as the king of Mandopop, has a look-alike contestant in the Squid Game-inspired Netflix physical reality show, Physical: 100. 

In a TikTok video, a netizen posted a snippet of Korean wrestler Nam Kyung Jin, with a caption saying: “Wah Jay Chou joined Physical: 100”. The TikToker also added a description saying: “More like Jay Chunky” and edited the video with Jay Chou’s song – Shuo Hao De Xin Fu Ne – as its background music.


More like Jay Chunky #physical100

♬ Where’s The Promised Happiness (Sped Up Ver.) – keaikate

Nam Kyung Jin is a 34-year-old freestyle wrestler from South Korea’s national team. He won bronze medals at the 2014 and 2018 Asian Games, as well as the 2020 Asian Championships. Known as being buff, he became popular with the other contestants of the reality show, which landed him an opportunity to be a team leader. 

People noticed the resemblance after watching the TikTok clip, and other online citizens expressed their insights and opinions in the comments section of the post. 

One TikTok account stated: “No wonder he looked so familiar I was thinking where have I seen him before”. 

Another commented: “Omg haha how can I unsee this”, which gained a reply from the original creator stating “Haha you can’t”

Curiously, a TikTok user asked if it was Jay Chou and received a reply that it was Jay Chou’s Korean version. Another described the Korean wrestler as “Jay Chou on steroids”, given the bulkiness and build of his body. 

One more netizen shared that she thought she was the only one who saw and felt the likeness, and many others agreed with the sentiment conveyed by the TikTok video. 

Physical: 100 is a South Korean extreme physical reality show wherein 100 contestants compete against each other through physically draining challenges. Contestants who cannot pass through these courses would get eliminated, and the last man/woman standing will be declared the winner and win an amount of 300 million won.

The program premieres two episodes every Tuesday. It is available to watch on Netflix.


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