Jade Seah receives a note to not park in front of a private housing estate; says she’s tired of self-entitled homeowners – Singapore News

SINGAPORE: Jade Seah received a note left on her car’s windshield after parking in a road close to a private housing estate. In her Instagram, the local host shared that the note says: “Please do not park here. Let those who stay here, park here. Thank you.” 

She then expressed her thoughts on whether private estate residents can claim the roads directly outside their house, and not let anyone use them. Seah admitted that she is “so tired of self-entitled, landed homeowners.” 

“When you own landed property, you own the land you paid for. That usually includes your house; and some people choose to have swimming pools, gardens and parking spaces. You do not own the land outside your house. That is public property that anyone is at liberty to part at; and that includes vans, lorries, motorbikes, and other cars,” Jade remarked as 8days, a local news outlet, reported. 

This incident is not new to the local host as she has encountered similar situations before – which is the reason she is very serious in tackling this issue. Her brother, who drives a van, had his own encounters as well. 

Apparently, drivers are allowed to park on both sides of the roads alongside private housing estates, given that there are no lines on either side of the road, and the divider is a single non-continuous line. 

Seah revealed that she is sharing this to educate people that in public spaces, those residents living in private housing estates can’t make these kinds of requests. 

She also sought opinions from her Instagram followers on how to educate and stop this kind of bullying and self-entitled behaviors from these private housing estate owners. 

In her recent Instagram stories, the local host shared some of her follower’s responses. She blocked all of their IG usernames for privacy. 



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