Intern says her boss told her to go home when she had family troubles, but then fired her the next day – Singapore News

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An intern who had family problems was told to leave work early and go home by her boss. However, she found herself fired the next day.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, the intern said that things were going well until “i was sick and had non stop vomiting. Saw a doctor but didn’t get well so my mum rushed me to the hospital. I was dehydrated by then so i had to be on iv drip. Results came out and i was diagnosed with salmonella infection”.

When she explained to her boss about the situation, her boss understood and the intern submitted the medical certificate and discharge papers as well. A week later, while attending an event at a hotel for work, the intern wrote that she faced family problems. She found out that her mother was cheating on her father. She was told that the man her mother was having an affair with was a past lover.


“I couldn’t accept it and i cried thinking what if they divorced and this family wld be gone. I was angry at myself that i didn’t found out earlier so i could help my dad ease his pain cuz he didn’t tell anyone his feeling as he needed to protect me. I didn’t manage to tell anyone too as my auntie told me to keep it to myself”, the intern wrote.

When her boss saw her crying and trembling, she told her to go back home. However, despite the intern insisting that she was fine, her boss told her to go home. The next day, she received notice that she had been let go from the internship.

“Boss then fired me the next day as she told me she was lacking of manpower and i can’t continue on like this. I’m really afraid of failing my internship and with this kind of family problems, i’m afraid i can’t take it anymore”, the intern wrote.

Others who commented on the intern’s post said that she should not be too bothered by her boss’ actions.

Here’s what they said:

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