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SINGAPORE — A woman who has been dating a guy for two years took to social media asking other couples if they continued to split the bill later on in the relationship.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, a woman polled netizens: “how many couples go dutch? I would like to know how most couples work on splitting the bill?”

She explained that when she first started dating her boyfriend two years ago, he suggested that they go dutch during dates. “I think it’s reasonable since we just got together althought (sic) I heard from some friends that go dutch is not always true, some bf will just pay. Anyway, we started go dutch and things were fine along”, she wrote. However, she added that as her boyfriend started to plan for their future two years in, they still continued to split the bill evenly with the occasional treat for the other person.

“I don’t see a mutual future with him by going dutch in the long run. I feel like I am with a long term roommate/friend that going dutch forever. I don’t feel secured. I also don’t know how to start this topic with him”, the woman wrote. She added that when she asked another friend, he also said it was not usual to split the bill. The woman added that she understood the situation was different across couples but wrote that constantly splitting the bill affected how she saw her relationship with her boyfriend.

“Would like to seek for advice or opinion on how you guys think about go dutch for dating and married couples?” she asked.

Here’s what netizens said:

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