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Singapore — A 22-year-old girl approached her former boyfriend asking if he wanted to be her sugar daddy because she needed the money. Her ex-boyfriend, 27, dated her for three years before they broke up in the middle of last year.

In an anonymous Facebook post on confessions page NUSWhispers, gave some background information on their situation: He was trying to move on, so being a sugar daddy would affect him emotionally. “I really don’t know what to do. To say Yes is stupid. To say No hurts me,” he wrote.

In a rather sad post, the ex-boyfriend said that he loved her so much at one point and even planned to marry her.

“While I still harbour feelings for her, she has already moved on and started dating other guys.

“It was taking an emotional toll on me just to be friends with her, till I told her we can’t be friends anymore for the time being until I have moved on. She agreed and we stopped all communication”, he added

He wrote that she messaged him out of the blue one day with the request.

“She is a struggling student coming from a broken family. She really does not have much money each month. It barely covers her rent,” he wrote.

When he asked his former girlfriend if she was set on her decision, she added that if he was not willing to do it, she would find someone else as she really needed the money.

Netizens who commented on the post told him to think of himself and to decline.

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