Edmund Chen & Xiang Yun bought $1 million condo during pandemic when housing prices were low – Singapore News

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Singaporean celebrity couple Edmund Chen and Xiang Yun bought their new condo unit located in Changi for $1 million. 

The couple allotted more than $1 million in their new space during the onset of the pandemic when housing prices were low. Furthermore, previous problems encountered in their old apartment in Marine Parade influenced their decision in moving to a new condo.

“It’s been 17 to 18 years [since they lived in their old apartment]. The sink is corroding and the air conditioning pipes are also leaking. It looks like the old home needs to be renovated” the 61-year-old actress stated.

The 61-year-old Singaporean former actor stated in an interview that although the location they chose for their condo is far from the city, it is near the airport. He also added that the location is a reminder of his time serving in the army as well. 

“It’s better to have breakfast by the sea, to look at the sea and hope for creative inspiration,” the actor said. 

Chen Xi, the couple’s son, challenged his parents to complete the renovation of their Changi home with attaining costs below $10,000 — which was recently finished. 

As a housewarming gift, Chen Xi gave them a long elm table which the couple positioned on their balcony. It is now a place wherein the family can bond — eat, drink, and chat – together. 

Indeed, location is key when purchasing a new home, and there are really some people who prefer breathtaking views to convenience as an essential factor in their house-hunting decisions.


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