Body artist removed skin around woman’s vaginal opening using branding iron, jailed for 10 years

Due to his involvement in a woman’s death and putting others on his client’s list in misery, an Australian guy with a reputation as an extreme body artist is currently in jail. The clients are usually groupies who want to be bodily modified by the artist, who grew his reputation across the country over the years.

Brendan Leigh Russell’s deadly treatments are now exposed, and he is serving jail. He went with the name “BSlice” and is now out of action for botched procedures, including one that led to a woman’s death. He showed his abilities with instruments like scalpels and body hooks at modification expos while travelling the length and breadth of Australia.

Additionally, he carried out operations at his Transitions company, based in Erina on the NSW Central Coast, which was documented on social media and praised by followers as a pro in the field.

The 41-year-old was not present in Court but faced the judge via an audiovisual link from Parklea Correctional Centre, where he was supported by eight members of his family, including his wife.

Russell was last year found guilty of manslaughter, intentionally causing grievous bodily harm and female genital mutilation relating to procedures performed on three women, including two at his studio at the Erina Fair Shopping Centre between 2015 and 2017.

One of Russell’s victims had her labia surgically removed during a process involving the use of a branding iron.

For the next year, she suffered excruciating pain that prevented her from using tampons or wearing underpants.

Another of his groupie victims required corrective surgery after Russell performed an “obviously risky” and “quasi-medical” abdominoplasty in the tattoo room of his studio in NSW, removing what the court described as a “large sausage-shaped chunk of fat” from her belly.

When Russell placed the scalpel back into the incision while “showing off mid-procedure,” the court said, he likely punctured the latter patient’s abdominal wall, causing her to awaken in excruciating pain and bleeding heavily after leaving the hospital.

“Common sense suggests anyone would understand cutting a large piece of flesh from a person’s body is dangerous,” acting Judge Helen Syme noted, based on a report from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). “There is no evidence the offender believed otherwise.”

The post Body artist who removed skin around a woman’s vaginal opening sentenced for 10 years appeared first on The Independent News.


The post Body artist removed skin around woman’s vaginal opening using branding iron, jailed for 10 years appeared first on The Independent Singapore News – Latest Breaking News

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