A second chance for busker Jeff Ng? Singer hints at September concert

Singer Jeff Ng, whose rise and fall seemed to happen equally quickly, may get the second chance some fans wanted him to have, with him hinting that a concert that had originally been postponed is likely to push through after all.

And it may happen as soon as next month, he said on a recent radio show.

Mr Ng had been an overnight sensation in June, drawing crowds when he played and sang at The Cathay on Saturday nights in June.

Each successive performance drew more and more people, and TikToks of the busker and adoring audiences singing along went viral.

This led to profiles in the media, where even CNA called him a “TikTok viral star.”

It seemed a sure thing that his star was on the rise, and Mr Ng announced he’d hold a “real concert” in August.

However, by the end of June, Ng was accused of abuse from a former partner as well as allegations of entitlement. Calls for his cancellation followed.

He then cancelled gigs for July 2 and 4 and seemed to lie low for a while.

On Friday (Aug 5) Mr Ng said while guesting on Mediacorp Capital 958, “Actually, I have a surprise for everyone in September. It’s considered a personal event. So… (tickets) will go on sale in August. 

I think it’s (easy to) figure out what (I’m referring to).”

It appears that the singer has some other events lined up, with performances at Gardens By The Bay on Aug 9, and Tampines West Community Club (CC) on Aug 13, as well as in private events on National Day, Mothership reports.


Ng had been riding a wave of sudden popularity after his Saturday night busking drew larger and larger crowds outside The Cathay.

“Trust us when we say the crowds are only going to get bigger,” wrote 8days on June 23.

But the trouble began on July 1 when his former partner, a woman named Lena Ng, wrote a damning Facebook post about the musician’s character and behaviour.

Ms Ng wrote a lengthy post that included the following: “国宝 is the WORST person I’ve ever met, spent 3 years of living together (or should I say enslaved lol) almost every day with him.”

She went on to accuse Mr Ng of gaslighting, control, and manipulation but added that she had to pretend that everything was all right.

“It came to a point where he could trigger panic attacks in me with just a phone call or a text. I would tremble in cold sweat and spend sleepless nights beside him crying whilst he doesn’t give a shit. On eggshells everyday.”

Immediately after her post, the musician issued a public apology to her, claiming, “I was young and reckless in my 20s, and I allowed my emotions to get the better of me. know this is not a reasonable excuse at all. I was wrong, and am sincerely sorry.”

“To Lena, I am sincerely sorry for my behaviour. To my family, friends, and supporters I am sorry that I have let you down. I promise to continue to work hard at becoming a better person. Thank you for giving me a chance,” he added.

His wife, Jona Tay, came to his defence in a comment on his post claiming “Jeff is a changed man and he’s an awesome husband.”

Nevertheless, fans wrote they would be willing to give him another chance.


Fans of overnight busking sensation Jeff Ng say he deserves another chance

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