Top 5 Most Popular Bonuses in Online Casinos in Japan

Japan’s online casinos find a way to encourage players by offering exciting and interesting bonuses. Since most people love freebies, these rewards have been pivotal in getting more and more bettors through the doors of gaming houses over the years.

However, as time passes, some of these rewards lose their popularity, to be replaced by more popular ones. Regardless of these changes and replacements, the attractiveness of bonuses remains the same, and as Japanese native gamblers will say,  ”オンラインカジノ ボーナス が大きく変わる”.

Are you saddled with finding the most popular bonus as a Japanese gamer? Are you on the lookout for the ones that stand out? If your answer is yes, you’re reading the right content because this article will explore the top 5 most popular online casino bonuses in your country. 

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Most Popular Bonuses in Online Casinos in Japan

Here are the most popular online casino Japan bonuses:

1. Welcome Bonus

This Japanese online casino bonus stands out. It gives preferential treatment to new customers and offers exciting welcome offers and packages to the players who come to deposit for the first time. The deals offered to new customers are not extremely large but of considerable size.

The purpose is to guide new players and enable them to start well. The welcome bonus could be daily, weekly, or monthly. It is usually offered after the punter registers or makes their first deposit.


  • It often extends to a second and even a third deposit.
  • The players are eligible for a cash prize.


  • They are for new customers.
  • The deals are not usually large.

2. No Deposit Bonus

As the name implies, no deposit is required to enjoy this promo. What is required is just registration, then the player accounts become automatically credited.

However, the policies of online casinos differ as some would require the registration of a debit card to qualify for the compensation. Either way, the player does not put in much cash before having something to gamble with.


  • The player has something to gamble with without making any deposit.


  • Just like the others, it comes with essential terms and conditions that must be applied.
  • They are hard to come by.

3. Top Free Spins Bonus

You would agree that the opportunity of a free slot is never declined. Free spins promos are not different from free slots. The recipients of free spins can gamble over a given range of slots without using their own money, though they are played on a maximum amount of pay lines. 

The idea is super exciting, and as a result, it has become so well received by popular online casinos in Japan.


  • Japan’s best gaming houses have incorporated it.


  • Wavering requirements hold free spin winnings.

4. Cashback Bonus

The thought of cashing back even after a loss doesn’t play on and on in your mind? The cashback reward is similar to the no deposit compensation in that your account is credited with cash even after you lose the game.

It is a great way for players to get a little bit back. If they couldn’t win their wagers, the casino gives a cashback. This little reward could be a consolation that will encourage the players to continue playing.

While many online gaming houses in Japan have incorporated this reward in recent years, the percentage each house gives back to the players varies.


  • It’s a win-win because bettors get a part of their outlay even if they don’t win.


  • It’s just a part that comes back to you and not the full deal.

5. 200% Match Bonus

This is one of the most exciting offers punters get when signing up for an online casino game. It is just as the name implies; it is a match reward.

This is a bonus for deposit. After signing up as a new member, the house matches your first deposit by 200% when you make your first deposit. Yes, you read right.


  • This offer triples your deposit.
  • It allows you to have more money to play games.


  • The offers are rare.

Tips on How to Spot and Claim the Best Bonuses 

As a new player, there are basic tips that would be useful to claim these gaming rewards. Players should place high importance on the outlined steps. They include:

  1. Select a casino offer. Visit the online casino site to make the right gaming choice.  
  2. Verify wagers. Watch out for these wagering requirements.
  3. Choose a type. There are various kinds as listed, so pick one.
  4. Utilize the bonus calculator: This is important for examining your profits.
  5. Weigh the best offers and compare.

Final Notes

There are a lot of free bonus offers that you can pursue as a punter in the internet casino industry in Japan. This article has explored the best options for you.

However, you also need to understand these offers come with terms and conditions, and you should get yourself acquainted with them to know how best to utilize them. We wish you all the best with your gambling experience!

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