Idiot-proof Guinness at home

Guinness Nitrosurge


It’s rare that a drinks accessory finds its way into the tech column. But the Guinness Nitrosurge warrants a second look. The device uses sonic pulses to break down the nitrogen in the Guinness to give you the look – and taste, apparently – of a professional pub-poured pint at home. All you need is some of Guinness’s special Nitrosurge cans and the Nitrosurge device. You fit the device over the open can, press the button on top and start to pour; the sonic pulse on the device lasts for about 30 seconds while you do the first stage. Pouring pints wouldn’t be my strong point – think some of the horror shows you see on Instagram –

– but the Nitrosurge makes it fairly idiot proof. One thing though: it’s only designed to work with the nitrosurge cans. Using it with the regular widget cans might have unintended consequences.

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