Ambulance paramedic killed amid unrest in Iran

A paramedic named Mohammad Fallah was killed in the northern
province of Mazandaran in Iran with a hunting gun while on a relief
mission amid the unrest, Trend reports citing IRNA.

In the protests over the death of a 22-year-old woman named
Mahsa Amini due to heart failure after her arrest by the police in
Iran, organized violations have been witnessed, some of which have
targeted relief equipment.

Mohammad Fallah, the paramedic, was shot dead with a hunting

“My son was a paramedic and he was shot while on a relief
mission,” his father said, asking if his son deserved to be shot
with a hunting rifle.

He linked the movements with “those who don’t want to see Iran

He also said that the attackers were trained and organized
because one of them shot at the paramedic and four others escorted
him out of the scene.

The killed paramedic’s father said that the United States didn’t
want peace and security for the Iranian people, calling on the
youth to be cautious against the Western media.

Iranian authorities have said that 61 ambulances and 25
firefighting trucks were damaged during the recent protests and 4
firefighters were injured.

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