Trudeau not showing leadership in fighting gun crime: Former Liberal

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After watching too many young people take up a life of crime and too many people get shot and killed in British Columbia’s lower mainland, Sukhi Sandhu gave up his life as a partisan political activist to become a community activist.

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After years of being involved in the federal Liberal Party, he’s now focused on stopping gang activity through a group called Wake Up Surrey.

“We need real and decisive leadership,” Sandhu said, noting that he hasn’t seen that over the last six years from the Trudeau Liberals.

The party he was once a part of is spending too much time playing wedge politics with the issue of gun crime rather than solving it. During a stop in Toronto this week, he said the same issues facing the Greater Toronto Area are playing out in Vancouver and its suburbs, but the government hasn’t put resources where they are needed.

With shootings and gang violence on the rise, Sandhu said we need action rather than empty political rhetoric.

“We need to minimize court delays,” Sandhu said, noting that those delays can see criminals walk on charges.

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