Federal Liberal cabinet minister concerned with Alberta premier’s proposed sovereignty act |

A federal Liberal cabinet minister from Alberta says he’s concerned that Premier Danielle Smith is moving forward with her proposed sovereignty act.

Tourism Minister Randy Boissonnault, who’s an Edmonton member of Parliament, has posted a statement on social media responding to Smith’s televised address to Albertans.

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Smith announced Tuesday evening a $2.4-billion plan to help families, seniors and the vulnerable deal with inflation.

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She also renewed a promise to challenge the federal government by introducing in the legislature next week an Alberta sovereignty act to assert the province’s ability to ignore federal laws it deems unconstitutional.

Boissonnault says Albertans have told him they don’t want jurisdictional fights or constitutional squabbles.

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He says they expect the provincial and federal governments to work together to deliver results that make their lives better.

“From day one, I have been committed to working with the provincial government to deliver real results to Albertans,” he said in the statement. “After Premier Smith took office, I sent the premier a letter to make it clear that my door would always be open and that I wanted to work together to deliver for this province we both call home.

“If you look at the record, it is clear that when we co-operate, all Albertans win.”

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