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Former TV star, now a chicken ‘rescuer,’ found not guilty of Foster Farms theft

Former “Baywatch” star Alexandra Paula and a co-defendant were found not guilty Friday of theft after taking two chickens from a Foster Farms truck in September 2021.

Paul and Alicia Santurio were acquitted of misdemeanor theft charges after a multi-day trial in Merced County.

The two activists took the chickens from a truck outside of Foster Farms’ Livingston, Calif., plant in what they called an “open rescue.”

The incident was captured on video by animal activist organization Direct Action Everywhere and posted online within hours.

Video from animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere appears to show actor Alexandra Paul and Alicia Santurio taking chickens from a truck outside Foster Farms’ Livingston, Calif., plant.

“This is a victory for [the chickens] Ethan, Jax, and all other living beings subjected to abuse by corporations like Foster Farms,” Santurio said in a news release from Direct Action Everywhere. “I have so much love for the chickens in my family and I want all animals to experience that safety and respect.”

“This is how we shape history,” Paul said in the release, “by using our privileges to confront unjust industries that exploit animals.”

The verdict marks the second recent victory for activists who have taken animals from commercial facilities.

In October, activists with Direct Action Everywhere who took piglets from a Smithfield Foods facility in Utah were also acquitted at trial.

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