Smart Dimmer Switch with RF Remote Control, 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Light Switch for Dimmable Lights Compatible with Alexa Google Home Assistant, in Wall, Single Pole, Neutral Wire Required, 2 Pack

Oct 31,2021 03:54:07 UTC

Product Description

Dimmer Light Switch with RF Remote ControllerDimmer Light Switch with RF Remote Controller

Dimmer Wifi Smart Light Switch with RF Remote Controller, Works with Alexa Google Home Assistant, No Hub Required, Single Way, Neutral Wire Required

The Avatar Controls dimmer switch is a smart wifi switch for lights, with a RF remote controller. The smart switch offers 4 ways to control: APP control, voice control via Alexa or Google Home, RF remote Control and manual control. Dim the brightness of light from 1%-100% , create different ambiance any time any where.

Dimmer SwitchDimmer Switch

Avatar Controls Dimmer Light SwitchAvatar Controls Dimmer Light Switch

About Avatar Controls

Avatar Controls is a high tech company which professional R&D, manufacturing and sales of Alexa enabled devices, voice control and intelligent tech. The main products include IoT(“Internet of Things”) products, smart home hubs, products work with Alexa, independent voice control products, home security system and so on.

Company vision: Intelligent makes life more simple.


Smart Dimmable Light Switch Plus a Remote Controller

Dim the desired brightness of light with the button, remote controller, APP or voice control.

Know about this dimmer light switch before ordering:

1. Require 2.4GHz WiFi at the first connection. Disable the 5 GHz if the APP can’t discover the switch. You can turn on 5 GHz again after setup.

( There is a management page of your WIFI router to turn off 5 GHz as well as change the password.)

2. Neutral Wire is required. If you swap the LIVE wire and LOAD wire, the switch will not response.

3. Support: LED Dimmable ( Max.150W), CFL Dimmable ( Max.150W), Incandescent Bulbs ( Max. 400W) 5. NOT Support: Smart Bulbs.

How to wire the smart switch

How to wire the smart switch

Dim 100% to 1%

Dim 100% to 1%

Remote Control Smart Switch

Remote Control Smart Switch

Easy to Install the Dimmer Switch

Wire Connection Guide

Notice: Neutral Wire is Required.

White Wire: Neutral Wire (Required)Red Wire: Load Wire (Required)Black Wire: Live Wire (Required)Green Wire: Ground Wire (Recommended)

Dimmable from 100% to 1%

Adjust brightness from 100% –1% via APP, Alexa or Google Assistant, remote controller, or manual. Set the perfect ambiance light for any activities.

You can create scenes with the desired brightness when having dinner with your family, watching movies, having a party, or reading a book.

Convenient Remote Controller, Up to 100FT

Strong RF signal goes through walls and doors.

Even be shortened by electronic devices, or other physical barriers, the wireless range still approach 100ft in the actual use.

The remote controller is very convenient and quick for you to control the dimmer switch.

Smart Switch Works with Alexa Google Home

Smart Switch Works with Alexa Google Home

APP Control

APP Control



Smart Dimmer Switch Works with Alexa Google Home

Simply set the lighting levels using voice control with an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant device. You can also create a group for all your smart switches, then control them all with one voice command.

APP Control Any where

The smart dimmer light switch supports the APP of Avatar Controls, Smart Life, Tuya. Scan the QR code, or search “Avatar Controls ” from APP Store or Google Play Store to install the APP.

Avatar Controls APP is recommended. It will be very helpful when you need technical support from us.

Once connected, you can control the dimmer light switch anywhere on your smart phone.

Manual Control: Dim, ON/OFF, Reset

The manual control is independent of APP, voice control and remote control, though traditional but most reliable sometime.

The manual control can dim brightness, turn on and off power, reset the smart switch to factory setting.

1 way smart ligth switch1 way smart ligth switch

This smart switch is standard plate, single pole, 1 way switch.

The margin of metal can be removed easily. 2 gang or 3 gang switches can be seamlessly connected together, which perfectly conforms to the size of the home switch box.




Battery of Remote Controller

23A 12V Battery (Included)


AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz

Max. Current



Support 2.4GHz, NOT Support 5GHz

Incandescent Bulbs Max.


Dimmable LED Bulbs Max.


CFL Lights Max


Smart Bulbs

NOT Support

Neutral Wire


【RF Remote , APP, Voice, Manual Control 】For the smart dimmer switch for dimmable lights, FOUR control ways are available for your choosing: APP, RF 433 REMOTE CONTROL, VOICE CONTROL and MANUAL. RF remote is independent, doesn’t need any Wi-Fi. Up to 100ft range, the RF433 remote controller is sensitive and convenient, even if there are barriers or walls . The smart switch supports the APP of Avatar Controls, Smart Life, Tuya, Alexa and Google Home.
【Voice Control Alexa Google Home Light Dimmer】The WiFi lamp dimmer switches are compatible with Alexa and Google Home. Control your devices by Voice Control, enjoy hands-free experience by giving simple command to your Alexa or Google Home Built-in devices.
【1%-100% Dimming Smart Light Switch】Dim the desired brightness of light with the button, remote controller, APP or voice control. Check if your lights support dimmer before ordering.
【Easy Installation Smart Life Light Switch】AC100V~240V, maximum 400 watts. SPECIAL REMINDER: Neutral Wire is needed by this in-wall light switch. 2.4GHz WiFi is needed at the first connection. Disable the 5 GHz band at the management of router to set up the connection if your router has both bands. You can turn on 5GHz again after setup.
【Countdown Timer & Schedule】This smart wall switch supports RF remote and Wifi control. Create your smart switch to automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn by APP built-in timer and schedule. Set your routine to get kids sleep better and save your pocket money. Warranty is 12 months. Any issues, feel free to contact us for supports.

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