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It’s official: USB Type-C mandatory for devices sold in the EU from December 28, 2024

The EU has published its new ‘Common Charger’ directive in its Official Journal, and with that we finally get the date from when it goes into action. Starting on December 28, 2024, every phone, tablet, camera, pair of headphones and earbuds, headset, handheld videogame console, portable speaker, e-reader, keyboard, mouse, and portable navigation system sold in the EU will have to have a USB Type-C port. If the charging is higher than 15W, then it’s also required to incorporate USB Power Delivery.

This will obviously affect Apple, as the media has widely reported ever since the law was only an idea, but not just – other device makers will have to ensure USB-PD compatibility if they have their products charging at rates over 15W. Additionally, this directive only covers wired charging, so Apple could simply decide to remove the charging port from its iPhones altogether, and rely on wireless charging only. That would not put it in breach of these regulations, and it’s a move that has been rumored a lot of times already.

From April 28, 2026, the same stipulations regarding the use of USB Type-C will apply to laptops as well. The next step is EU member states adopting and publishing, by December 28, 2023, the laws, regulations, and administrative provisions necessary to comply with this directive.

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