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‘Half-Life: Alyx’ mod adds four hours of single-player content | Engadget

Two years after its release, remains the definitive VR experience. So it’s no surprise a lot of people want more. Until Valve announces a sequel (which ), it’s up to the modding community to provide new content. Thankfully, Levitation, a new single-player mod for Half-Life Alyx, not only extends the story of Valve’s latest but is also earning praise for its gameplay.

The free mod features three to four hours of additional story content, complete with new voice acting and animations. As of the writing of this article, Levitation has a perfect five-star rating across 627 reviews, with many of level designer FMPONE. The positive response is especially noteworthy considering Levitation was only . Without sharing too much of the story, the mod sees the player sent to City 17’s mysterious Section X to investigate a levitating building where two members of The Resistance went missing.

You can download Levitation by subscribing to the mod through its . Once you’ve installed Part One, Steam will automatically download the remaining four parts as you play through the mod. Note that you will need a copy of Half-Life Alyx and a compatible VR headset to play through the experience.   

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