iPhone SE (2022) Review: The Most Affordable Way to Go in on Apple

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The iPhone SE (2022) is filled with an old-meets-new appeal. It’s a low-cost way for people to upgrade from an iPhone 8 (or older) who would like to keep a familiar design, but it’s also an iPhone for those that don’t care about Apple features like Face ID or MagSafe. The new SE is essentially a blend of an iPhone 8 body with tougher glass and the processor from the iPhone 13. Apple’s mix-and-match approach gives the iPhone SE newer features like 5G support, a longer battery life and iPhone 13-levels of performance all while retaining the home button and the classic design that many are comfortable using. The iPhone SE is an extremely capable phone that gives you a great camera and all of the Apple goodies like iMessage, FaceTime, Apple Music and access to the App Store.

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