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Lance McCarthy talking about Maui, VS2022, community contributions and much more.

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Resource 1 – CommonHelpers

That is the CommonHelpers NuGet package I was referring to. It not only is a good helper in a .NET project, but you can also look at it’s GitHub Actions to see how to automatically built, test and publish  to NuGet.

Resource 2 – DevOpsExamples

That repo shows you how to build WPFASP.NET CoreWinFormsConsoleXamarin.Forms, .NET MAUIAngularReact and Vue projects in GitHub ActionsAzure DevOpsGitLab CI and AppCenter (see the build status badges here).

The workflows can be found here

Resource 3 – MediaFileManager a real-world CI-CD example for WPF

This repo is for MediaFileManager, one of my real-world WPF apps that is published to the Microsoft Store. It shows you how to use GitHub Actions to automatically build MSIX packages and publish to the Microsoft Store.

Not only does it build and upload to the Store, but I also show how to build an msixbundle with an appinstaller file that gets uploaded to Azure Blob Storage so you can host your own mini-Microsoft Store for your non-Store users. Check out the mini-store page here Media File Manager (

Resource 4 (bonus) – AI Powered Toilet Flusher for my Cat

I built a full system that uses AI, SignalR, Windows IoT, and Xamarin.Forms to automatically flush the human toilet when my cat uses it. You can see the companion blog post here Using Windows IoT, SignalR, Azure Custom Vision and Xamarin Forms to Flush a Toilet – DVLUP

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