The 2022-23 NBA offseason as told by social media

Patrick Beverley was signed to the Lakers, uniting him with “best friendRussell Westbrook.

Their complicated history dates back to a first-round series between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Houston Rockets in the 2013 NBA playoffs. Westbrook suffered a lateral meniscus tear in his right knee and missed the rest of the playoffs after Beverley collided with him while lunging for a steal.

They’ve had multiple run-ins since then, and the feud was back in the spotlight in 2019 when Westbrook commented on Beverley’s status as an elite defender.

“Pat Bev trick y’all, man, like he plays defense. He don’t guard nobody, man. It’s just running around, doing nothing,” Westbrook said.

“He damaged my career,” Beverley later responded on JJ Redick’s podcast, “The Old Man and the Three.” “Like, coaching staffs and players, fans, they looked at me way different.”

The new teammates appeared to have put their differences aside ahead of their season opener.


Six-time All-Star Damian Lillard served as the art director to help design the Portland Trail Blazers‘ Statement Edition uniforms. Portland’s “pinwheel” logo will be featured prominently on the front of the jersey for the first time ever.

A video showing Draymond Green punching Jordan Poole in a scuffle during practice was made public.

Green apologized for the incident and briefly stepped away from the team.



Scott Van Pelt reports that Draymond Green punched Jordan Poole during a “heated practice,” and it is possible that Green will face some type of punishment.

A documentary on the 2008 U.S. men’s basketball team titled “The Redeem Team” was released on Netflix. The film’s executive producers included LeBron and Dwyane Wade.

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