Supercars wanted Shootout leniency

A high-speed crash for Randle in practice this morning left Tickford with a race against time to repair his Mustang for the Shootout.

They almost managed to pull off a miraculous turnaround, the team rolling the car out of the garage just seconds after Randle was due at pit exit for his lap.

However those seconds proved critical, race officials deeming the car late and not allowing it to start the Shootout.

Speaking to the Fox Sports TV crew, Supercars Head of Motorsport Adrian Burgess said he wanted leniency for Randle and Tickford, but Motorsport Australia officials wouldn’t grant any leeway.

“We feel for them. It’s nothing we want to see, but we’re in the hands of the stewards running the event,” said Burgess.

“The rule is pretty clear, you have to be at pit exit for the start of your run.

“Another minute and they would have been there. We tried to get a bit of leniency, allow them to roll into pit exit. But we weren’t given that, and the rule is pretty black and white, unfortunately.

“You need to be there, ready to go, for the start of your run.

“It was always going to be touch and go. If they’d been another car later in the process they probably would have made it.”

Randle will start today’s first Adelaide 500 race from 10th on the grid.

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