Supercars closing in on final wheel nut fix

Wheels have proven problematic for the new-spec cars so far due to issues with both the lower-duty nuts and the new rims.

The nut issue has been largely centred on the retaining clip system which was ineffective in its original design.

Two solutions were trialled during the recent Newcastle 500. One came from Triple Eight which included a deeper channel and stronger circlip to hold the nut in the rim.

The other, designed by Erebus Motorsport, is thought to be solid at the hub end and has proven to be the more effective of the two solution. understands that will become the standard system used by all teams once the final specification of the nuts has been settled.

The final stage in that process is trialling an updated thread which will be made available to teams, although won’t be mandatory, for the Australian Grand Prix next week.

Should that thread design prove successful it will be matched with the Erebus clip design and distributed to teams.

The rim issue is related to fitting cold rims onto hot hubs during stops due to a lack of tolerance.

Teams began machining rims before Newcastle to increase the tolerance to the drive pegs and alleviate the problem.

The AGP is set to provide a significant challenge for both nuts and rims given tyre changes will dictate stop times.

The fuel coverage in Newcastle took the pressure off tyre changes, however each of the four Albert Park races will have a single mandatory stop for at least two tyres only.

Supercars will hit the track at Albert Park for the first time next Thursday.

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