Grove Racing retains Indigenous livery


A number of teams have decided to carry over their First Nations-inspired liveries, which were compulsory for the Darwin Triple Crown, for the second leg of the northern swing in Townsville.

While Townsville isn’t an official Indigenous Round like Darwin, it does coincide with NAIDOC (National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee) Week.

Grove Racing is the latest to confirm it will join the likes of Walkinshaw Andretti United and Dick Johnson Racing in retaining its Indigenous livery.

“Our whole team really loves the look of our Indigenous livery and the feedback from the fans has been great so we’re running it again in Townsville,” said Grove Racing team principal David Cauchi.

“Furthermore we’re aware that there’s a large First Nations population in North Queensland so hopefully it inspires some more young people from Indigenous communities to chase a career in motorsport.

“We want to pay back everyone behind the scenes that helped put it together so we’re focused on that and capitalising on good qualifying pace.”

The Townsville 500 kicks off this Friday.

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