FRM’s double DNF in the Clash due to running out of fuel

The second running of the revamped version of Clash in Los Angeles was slowed by 16 cautions during the 150-lap main event.

On lap 137, Michael McDowell brought out the caution as he attempted to make his way back to the pits, but couldn’t quite complete the turn-in.

The reason behind the premature end to his race? The same reason his teammate, Todd Gilliland, fell out of the event soon after. Both the No. 34 and No. 38 Fords ran out of fuel.

McDowell and Gilliland made their way into the main event through the 50-lap last-chance qualifier, with McDowell actually winning his LCQ. That, along with all the caution laps in the main event (which did not count towards the race total), ended with both cars running out before the checkered flag.

The fuel miscalculation proved costly, with Gilliland finishing 23rd, and McDowell 24th. 

Todd Gilliland, Front Row Motorsports, gener8tor Skills Ford

Photo by: Nigel Kinrade / NKP / Motorsport Images

“We weren’t allowed to refuel after the LCQ,” explained Gilliland in his post-race comments. “There were then too many caution laps in The Clash and we ran out of fuel.”

Added McDowell: “I don’t know how many laps under caution we ran, but obviously just a calculation running the LCQ and a heat race. We just didn’t anticipate running over 100 laps of caution, so that was unfortunate. It was a battle out there for sure.”

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