Huawei Users Can Now Download Grab App On Their Phones – SingPass App To Come Next

Ever since Huawei lost access to Google Mobile Services (GMS) two years ago, every new phone launch of theirs has come with the question: ‘Will I still be able to use all my favourite apps?’

It’s a legitimate concern, considering that the now-unavailable Google Play Store is the gateway to all the apps for Android phones. 

The Chinese tech giant however, has been working hard to come up with a solution, both in the form of their own AppGallery and alternative methods that take advantage of Android’s open-source nature. 

In our previous video, we mentioned that Huawei has been consistently adding frequently-used apps to its catalogue, covering categories such as banking (UOB), navigation (Waze), news (The Straits Times) and shopping (Lazada). 

Since then, many other new apps have come onboard, such as DBS/POSB, Standard Chartered, Foodpanda and Telegram, just to name a few. 

Huawei users will be pleased to know that Grab app is also now available on AppGallery so you can book your rides or order food delivery seamlessly. 

Previously, users have had to sideload the Grab app on Huawei. The drawback is that its map feature doesn’t work well since it uses Google Maps.

Grab’s map is now visible on Huawei devices / Screenshot of Grab app

The Grab app now works with OpenStreetMap, which allows its map feature to function as per normal, so users can enjoy a better app experience. 

When asked if they have any other local apps in their AppGallery line-up, a Huawei spokesperson revealed that the SingPass app is in its final development stages and will be made available “within the first half of this year”. 

The SingPass app required Google Play Services to detect user data and devices, which is why it didn’t work on Huawei devices previously. 

While you still can’t get every single app on the AppGallery at this point, it’s really a matter of time before Huawei comes up with a workaround. 

The important thing is that is you can already get a majority of your most-used apps on Huawei, so if you are thinking of getting your hands on a new Huawei phone, don’t let the lack of GMS deter you. 

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