Why should governors interfere in opposition-ruled states?: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi today questioned why governors of states should have the right to interfere in the running of the states. “Why should governors have the right to interfere in opposition-ruled states? Are they elected by the people of the state? Have the people of the state placed the governor in his position? No. What rights do these people have – the BJP and the RSS – to topple government after government after government which has been elected by the people of India?” the Congress MP asked.

He also spoke about centre-state relations and slammed the central government on GST, unemployment and price rises.

“Today, while we were walking in the crowd, it felt like a large river was flowing. I was watching this river of humanity carefully. There is no hatred, anger in this river. This river was humble and respectful of everybody in it. It is the same India in this river, which is flowing,” Gandhi said.

“There are some people and organisations that want to disturb this river. They want to mix hatred, violence, anger in this river. They want to create disturbance in the river and that is why we have started the ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’. We will not let these people spread hatred, spread anger, spread violence in this beautiful river called India and we will not allow them to disrespect any state, any language and any idea,” he added.

Slamming the Centre over pending GST returns to states, Gandhi said: “What right do they have not to pay the states’ GST on time? This is your money and you should be given this money at the right time.”

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“The states and the Centre should be partners – the national government should work in partnership with the state governments. The national government should respect all the cultures of the country, all the languages of the country. The BJP wants to impose one language and one culture on the entire nation. We want unity, but we also respect diversity. We do not want uniformity. Every state, every culture, every language has its place in this beautiful country and that place should be respected,” he said.

“If we look at the situation in the country today, what has been the result of the hatred and the anger that the BJP has spread? This is the highest level of unemployment India has seen, the highest prices we have ever seen. There is huge suffering for the farmers, for the labourers, for the small and medium businesses.

“Today, I met some small and medium business owners, among the best entrepreneurs in the region working in different areas; electric cars, electric scooters, electric mobility, pharmaceuticals and numerous other small businesses. These are the people who create jobs for India and I ask them – did the GST help you or harm you? Every single one of them said it was a disaster for them. One of them explained to me how salty cashew nuts and sweet cashew nuts have different GST rates. They explained to me how difficult it is for them to fill out the form, how confusing the design of the GST is,” he said.

“Then I asked them what they thought about demonetization. Every single one of them answered that it was a disaster. Then I asked them if these two policies did not help them, and they did not help the farmers, and they did not help the workers who exactly did they help? The answer was that they helped the two or three biggest businesses in India,” he shared.

“The hatred the BJP spreads, the anger, the violence they spread, is designed to take money from your pockets. You used to pay Rs 400 for a gas cylinder, you pay Rs. 1,000 now. Petrol prices and diesel prices keep rising and the reason is that the BJP is taking this money out of your pockets and giving it to a selected few people. We will not accept this unfair India. We will not accept an India which is unemployed. We will not accept an India where the poor people have to pay higher and higher and higher prices every day. These are the messages behind the ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’.”

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