Shah Rukh confirms his cameo in Tiger 3, says ‘with Salman it’s not work but love experience

Shah Rukh Khan spoke about his cameo appearance in Tiger 3. The actor said that it’s always great working with Salman Khan and called him family.

Shah Rukh Khan shared his amazing working experience with Salman Khan with his fans.

Shah Rukh Khan interacted with his fans on June 25 to celebrate his completion of 30 years in the Hindi film industry. He was answering questions asked by his fans as he did an Instagram LIVE session. Apart from speaking about his upcoming film, Pathaan, and he also spoke about working with Salman Khan and revealed that he has a cameo in Tiger 3.


Speaking about working with Salman Khan, he said, “With Salman Khan there is no working experience, there is love experience, happy experience, friendly experience and brotherly experience. So, it is amazing whenever I work with him. We haven’t really done a full-fledged film together apart from one, which was also not a full-fledged film. To be honest, we are not together. So we get 4-5 days in a year to work in a film.”


Shah Rukh added how the last couple of years were great as he got to work with Salman on a few projects together and spilled the beans on working in Tiger 3. “Last two years were fantastic because I got to be in one of his films. He came in Zero and did a song with me and, now in Pathaan, and I don’t know if it’s a secret, but I will try to be in Tiger (3) also.”

Calling Salman his brother, he said, “It’s great working with him. There is a special thanks I want to say before I tell how much I love Salman. Salman is like family, he is like a brother. We don’t know who is the elder brother. Each one of us on different days behaves like the elder brother to each other. Whoever makes a mistake is the elder brother.”

While, Shah Rukh Khan will be seen in Tiger 3, Salman Khan is set to appear in Pathaan..

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