Give up on liquor trade, get Rs 1 lakh reward: Bihar govt’s bid to strengthen alcohol ban

On the occasion of Drug De-Addiction Day, CM Nitish Kumar tabled a new scheme to enhance his resolution towards a ‘healthy, happy’ and liquor-free Bihar.

Patna ,UPDATED: Nov 26, 2022 18:50 IST

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar (Image: PTI/FILE)

By Sujeet Jha: In a bid to further strengthen the ban on alcohol in Bihar, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar rolled out a new approach to tackle the menace of illegal and spurious liquor trade in the state. CM Kumar said that his government would give an amount of Rs 1 lakh to those who give up their liquor business to earn a livelihood.

The scheme comes against the backdrop of a liquor ban in Bihar. The law was implemented in 2016 and sources said that around four lakh people have been arrested under the charges since the law was tabled.

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On the occasion of “Drug De-addiction Day”, Nitish Kumar stated his resolution towards a ‘healthy and happy’ Bihar. He said, “On the occasion of Drug-Free Day, let us take a pledge to get rid of all kinds of drugs and play our role in building a drug-free society for a prosperous, healthy and happy Bihar.”

Speaking about the scheme to remit Rs 1 lakh to those who give up on their illegal alcohol business, CM Kumar said that it would be applicable not only to liquor sellers but those who trade toddy too.

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“If they leave the toddy business and start making neera (palm drink),” Kumar noted while stating that arrests were made of those who consume alcohol in Bihar, but not those who carry out its businesses.

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CM Nitish Kumar said that businessmen were not nabbed as they make the poor deliver alcoholic drinks to door-steps.

“There is no need to catch the poor. We have brought this scheme for the poor who sell a little liquor or toddy,” he said.

Bihar’s chief minister directed the prohibition department to arrest liquor traders instead of the consumers.

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