Doctors at AIIMS-Bhopal successfully create woman’s new food pipe in rare surgery

The surgery was performed on a female who had consumed a corrosive substance at home that severely damaged her food pipe (oesophagus).

Bhopal ,UPDATED: Mar 22, 2023 06:35 IST

AIIMS, Bhopal (File Photo/Facebook)

By Ravish Pal Singh: A team of doctors at AIIMS, Bhopal, performed a successful, rare and complex operation to create a new food pipe. The complex operation was on a female who had consumed a corrosive substance at home that severely damaged her food pipe (oesophagus).

This corrosive substance had severely burnt her food pipe.

Taking to Twitter, AIIMS-Bhopal shared, “A team of doctors at AIIMS, Bhopal has recently miraculously succeeded in creating a new food pipe by performing a rare and difficult operation. Some time ago, a woman consumed toilet cleaner in her house, due to which her food pipe (oesophagus) was seriously damaged.”

She was evaluated by a team of doctors from the Surgical Gastroenterology and ENT departments. Surgery was planned to construct a new food pipe after extensive discussions with the patient and family members. Her food pipe has been revived after 10 months.

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Dr Vishal Gupta, Additional Professor and head of the Surgical Gastroenterology department, who led the operation, said that the patient had not eaten or drunk anything by mouth for the last 10 months, and was surviving by taking food through a feeding tube.

“It was a real challenge to preserve her voice as we had to join a new food pipe in the throat near the voice box and an important nerve which controls her voice and also protects the airway passing through this area”, added Dr Vikas Gupta.

The long-drawn nine-hour operation was performed by a team of doctors that consisted of Dr Vishal Gupta, Dr Lokesh Arora, and Dr Sajay Raj from the Surgical Gastroenterology department; Dr Vikas Gupta, Dr Ganakalyan, Dr Rahul from the ENT department; and Dr Shikha Jain from the anaesthesia department.

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