Did Hrithik Roshan and Jackson Wang discuss a collab during dinner? Rakesh Roshan reveals | Exclusive

Hrithik Roshan and Jackson Wang met at the former’s house as Roshans’ hosted the K-pop star for dinner. Jackson was on his first visit to India. Here’s what happened.

Mumbai ,UPDATED: Feb 3, 2023 12:42 IST

Jackson Wang with Hrithik Roshan on his first visit to India.

Jackson Wang with Hrithik Roshan on his first visit to India.

By Bhavna Agarwal: Jackson Wang was here in India on his first visit last weekend (January 29). He performed at the debut Lollapalooza India stage and his electrifying performance left everyone, including the non-fans, wanting more. Magicman, as he is fondly being referred to right now, Jackson also met up with Hrithik Roshan and family on his first visit. Rakesh Roshan, followed by Hrithik, shared a couple of pictures with Jackson heaping praise on the young K-pop star. got in touch with Rakesh Roshan exclusively to find out more about this exclusive dinner Roshan’s hosted for Jackson.


When asked how the family ended up hosting Jackson at their place in Mumbai, Rakesh Roshan told, “I have got a common friend in Singapore. He knows Jackson and knows me very well. He called me and told me that Jackson is coming to India for this show (Lollapalooza India) and he would like to meet you all. I said, of course, most welcome. He is a very talented boy, and we would like to meet him. So, we called him over for dinner and my family was there. We sat down for two-three hours. We discussed music and the shows and how he came up in life, what he went through. That’s all. He had to catch a flight soon, so he left after that.”

He added, “It was just meeting for the first time, it was a very casual chat.”

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Ever since pics of Hrithik and Jackson in one frame have gone viral, fans have been ‘manifesting’ a collaboration between the two superstars. Was that a part of the dinner table discussion? Rakesh promptly mentioned, “No, nothing of that sort.”

Rakesh also mentioned that Jackson is a very talented and creative star and that the family was happy to host him. In an Instagram post, Hrithik too praised Jackson and asked fans to shower him with love.

Meanwhile, Jackson Wang mentioned wanting to do a concert in India. He is currently touring the world, taking his Magicman album global. The K-pop star is also a part of GOT7, who released their comeback album last year.

Jackson is known for his soft and powerful vocals, apart from being a charming performer. His well-executed choreography and desire to experiment with music, instruments, genres and dance forms sets him apart from many others.

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