Delhi Police arrests 4 for duping people on pretext of providing jobs in Tata & Adani projects

A person had filed a complaint saying that he paid Rs 8,81,444 to the accused after they offered him a bogus job offer.

New Delhi,UPDATED: Nov 26, 2022 18:07 IST

fake job offers arrested

The four were involved in duping people with fake job offers. (India Today photo)

By Tanseem Haider: Four men were arrested by the Delhi Police’s Cyber team for duping people with fake job offers. The four arrested were identified as Kundan Kumar Singh, Arif Noor, Neeraj Kumar and Ankit Rawat.

Police also recovered ten mobile phones, fourteen SIM cards and one ATM card used in the commission of crime from the four arrested accused.


The case came to light when Indra Nath Pandit, a resident of Delhi’s Raj Nagar filed a complaint on July 4 at the Cyber police station. He told the police that he received an email from ‘[email protected]’ on May 25 with a job opportunity.

After getting in touch with the sender, Indra Nath was offered a job and asked to pay Rs 4,999. Further on June 10, he received another email from [email protected] that he had been selected for the post of general manager – project operations. The email also contained the details of the job and the interview schedule.

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The next day, on June 11, Indra Nath attended an online interview conducted only on audio.

After the interview, he was to provide his educational details, job experience and passport photo over mail. On June 13, he received another mail asking him to deposit Rs 14,000 for the verification of his submitted documents.

He was also asked to pay Rs 22,000 for movement expenses, Rs 80,850 for employment bond agreement, Rs 1,12,291 for job security process, Rs 1,93,141 for GST charges and Rs 63,800 for pay enhancement.

However, when Indra Nath tried to reach the four people who were in contact with him, he could not reach any of them. He had paid a total of Rs 8,81,444 to the fraudsters.

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During the investigation, the police sought the beneficiary details of the alleged transactions and technical surveillance was analysed. On the basis of technical surveillance, various raids were conducted on possible hideouts of the accused and apprehended four of the accused.

Following a sustained interrogation, ten mobile phones, fourteen SIM cards and one ATM card were recovered from the four arrested. Police are also on the lookout for the remaining accused.

The accused were allegedly running a fake call centre to provide jobs in TATA and Adani projects. They used four fake mail addresses – [email protected] , [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] for correspondence with the victims.

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