‘Communist quit India’: JNU campus walls defaced with slogans by Hindu Raksha Dal

A day after the JNU Students’ Union condemned the objectionable and anti-Brahmin slogans, fresh anti-Communist phrases surfaced on Saturday.

New Delhi ,UPDATED: Dec 3, 2022 16:40 IST

JNU main gate, Mehrauli, New Delhi

By Kumar Kunal: Fueling the recent spate of hate and objectionable slogans on Jawaharlal Nehru University’s walls, a fresh phrase was spray-painted on its main gate. This comes a day after the JNU Students’ Union condemned the objectionable and anti-Brahmin slogans that surfaced on its walls on Wednesday and said that the JNU administration was looking into the matter.

The latest vandalism carried anti-Communist remarks and it was equated with IS (Islamic State)

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Hindu Raksha Dal members allegedly wrote slogans against the Communists. They wrote, “Communists Quit India”, “Communists = ISIS”, and “Jihadis Quit India”. In fact, the wall also read, “Hindu Raksha Dal.”

The administration stated it would take action against such acts and that an inquiry has been taken up. Meanwhile, Hindu Raksha Dal members believe that Communists have written anti-Brahmin and anti-Hindu slogans. In a protest against this, the associates of the Dal wrote against them.

Sources said that these people also raised slogans outside the JNU main gate.


The matter holds relevance as JNUSU on Friday said, “This is not the first time that these acts have been committed at JNU. Earlier this year, “Muslim Lives Don’t Matter” was written by unknown persons on JNU walls. Such statements are clearly meant to disturb the normalcy of the campus by vitiating the campus environment. This is not the first time that such vandalism has occurred within the university. Several instances have happened earlier as well.”

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Students claimed that the walls were vandalised with slogans against the Brahmin and the Baniya communities, photos of which have been shared widely on social media. Some of the slogans on the walls read “Brahmins Leave The Campus”, “There Will Be Blood”, “Brahmin Bharat Chhodo” and “Brahmino-Baniyas, we are coming for you! We will avenge”, reported news agency PTI.


Taking serious note of the turn of events, JNU Vice Chancellor Santishree Pandi issued a statement condemning the act of ‘exclusivist tendencies’ and said, “Such incidents will not be tolerated as JNU belongs to all.”

“JNU stands for inclusion and equality. The VC iterates zero tolerance for any violence on campus,” the notice read.

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