Amritpal has changed looks, doesn’t wear turban: Arrested Haryana woman tells police

A Haryana woman arrested for allegedly sheltering Amritpal Singh has told the police that the Khalistani leader has changed his looks and does not wear a turban now.

New Delhi,UPDATED: Mar 23, 2023 22:29 IST

Baljit Kaur was known to Papalpreet Singh (associate of Amritpal Singh).

By Arvind Ojha: Baljit Kaur, who was arrested earlier today for allegedly sheltering Amritpal Singh and his associate Papalpreet Singh, has told the police that the Khalistani has changed his looks. She said that now he does not wear a turban, as per police.

Baljit Kaur made a string of confessions to the police about how Amritpal left Punjab for Haryana and reached her house.

On March 18, Amritpal Singh, with his associate Papalpreet Singh, reached Patiala via Ludhiana on a Jupiter scooter and took shelter in the house of one of his aides.

The next day, both left for Haryana on the same vehicle and reached Baljit Kaur’s house in Shahabad. Papalpreet Singh was known to Baljit Kaur.

Baljit’s brother identified Armitpal, but they convinced him not to disclose his arrival to anyone.

Later, Amritpal also used phone of Baljit’s brother to make some important calls. On March 20, Papalpreet left her house to recce the bus stops and routes in the area, as per police.

Amritpal, before leaving Baljit’s house, had asked her brother to return the scooter and a few things in Patiala. He also deleted all the call records and social media chats with Baljit and instructed her not to reveal his stay to anyone, police said.

Amritpal Singh has been on the run since the Punjab Police launched a massive manhunt against the Waris Punjab De chief and his associates. The manhunt entered Day 6 on Thursday. A convoy of over 50 cars gave chase to Amritpal Singh last week, who managed to slip through Punjab Police’s fingers. The Khalistani leader had likely made plans to flee the country.

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